year in music/lyrics?

year in music/lyrics?


Just wondering if spotify is going to bring back your year in music/the lyrics feature/other features that have been removed for seemingly no reason or if I should look for a different music streaming service.

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Hey Greg!


This year the Year in Music stats were delivered by email. If you were unsubscribed to email notifications around the 2nd December then your stats won't have been sent to you. A lot of people had this issue with not recieving the emails, so they were resent this week.


If you have a account you can enable the "scrobbling" feature to have track your stats from Spotify. At the end of each year has a similar yearly stats feature that is much easier to access than the Spotify equivalent from this year.


As for the lyrics feature, this was provided by a service called Musixmatch, and their partnership with Spotify ended and so the lyrics feature is no longer being provided unfortunately. This was also one of my favourite features but they aren't bringing it back anytime soon I don't think.


Hope this helps 🙂

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