Auto run on startup for Linux


Auto run on startup for Linux



Got tired of the windows bs so I made the switch back to Linux and was wondering if you guys knew of a simple way to get spotify to auto start on login like on the windows box I was using previously.


I know there’s probably an easy solution somewhere but I’m pretty rusty with command line, still pretty novice, and the google machine has had no luck as of yet.


I am using a Debian based distro if that helps. 



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Re: Auto run on startup for Linux


The command to start Spotify in Linux is "spotify". You just want to use a method to run this on startup.


It really depends on the graphical interface you use. XFCE, for example, has its own startup thing in it.


If you're using XFCE, open up "Session and Startup", click on "Application Autostart", "Add", then fill out the description and name, and then put in the command (spotify). When XFCE boots up, it should now run Spotify.


You could do a thing with the xinit or systemctl, but you should really handle it through your GUI after you log in.


So, what GUI are you using?