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Close button should minimize the Spotify window - Spotify won't minimize using Close button

Close button should minimize the Spotify window - Spotify won't minimize using Close button


Premium Family


United Arab Emirates




Operating System

Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon


My Question or Issue

There is an option in Advanced Settings for "Close button should minimize the Spotify window". This morning I discovered this and switched it on. 

Closing the window, however, shuts down Spotify. 


I've tried the usual troubleshooting elements:

1. Clear cache

2. Clear storage

3. killall

4. Spotify dump (results in 0Kb text file)


Does this work on other Linux environments? Is there anything else I need to do to make Spotify minimize instead?


94 Replies

Hi temcode, thanks for the clarifications about the candidate packages. Still, I have just published 1.2.22 to STABLE for Deb and Snap. So, a version with optional tray icon support is now available for everyone

x1ph3rr: the "open spotify automatically after login" is on the TODO list. But as you mentioned, it may take one month or two years, as we make no promises about it. In the meantime, you can make the client start automatically by creating/editing the client's .desktop file, as defined at

Working beatifully on Ubuntu 22.04.3, deb version. Thanks a lot for the team's hard work.

Captura desde 2023-10-16 20-57-49.png

Since my last update to the stable version on Ubuntu 22.04.3, it working perfectly.

Currently using on Ubuntu 23.04. The icon appears on the tray in the last version, but after minimizing it to tray, there is no way to restore the window using the tray icon. Tried both Ubuntu AppIndicators and AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support. The first button that says "Minimize to tray" just disappears and double-clicking the icon just opens the menu, at least in GNOME



Hi rogama25, this is indeed a very weird behavior. I run it nicely in Kubuntu 23.04. Will try it also at Gnome to try to reproduce this. But in the meantime, can you provide me more info? Are you running Snap or Deb? Wayland or X11? Is there some sequence of actions that make the menu to only show "Exit", as in the screenshot?

I am using the deb package: APT-Sources: stable/non-free amd64 Packages

I'm running X11 because there are still some problems on this laptop with Nvidia cards on Wayland.

To reproduce the bug I just need to close the window, either hitting the X or clicking the minimize to tray in the tray icon. After closing it, the first time I open the menu I have the separator and the exit button, but next times the separator is also not present, and the option does not appear again when I re-open the app through the app launcher. I had a bunch of extensions but after disabling them, including Ubuntu's ones, and restarting the computer the problem is still there:

Screenshot from 2023-10-18 13-42-06.png

Immediately after disabling the app indicators extensions, the Spotify window opens by itself and after enabling the extension again the "minimize to tray" option appears. Same behavior if I completely close the app and restart it again.


Please keep in mind that tray icons behave a lot differently in GNOME than in KDE, usually in GNOME there is no double-click functionality to restore the window while in KDE there usually is, more like Windows

Thanks to the devs for finally implementing minimize to tray! 

Works awesome on Ubuntu 22.04 using Wayland and dash to panel extension.

Hi Jack_l0

yeah, except double clicking the tray icon doesn't open the spotify window

That might be a Linux/gnome limitation.  
No app that i have works with double click, tried with Steam, Skype, Caprine, Transmission, etc. 

LE: some java apps work by double-click, but i think it's a hacky, non-standard implementation of systray icon because they come with they own context menu and seems kinda buggy, minimize/maximize not working all the time.

Firstly, thanks for improving the Linux client. Wanted to report my latest experience
I have + enabled wayland
On Gnome, the icon on the dash is fine, but the tray icon (with the appindicator extension) is random and it doesn't show "Show Spotify" after minimized. Client side decorations are out of place (XP style)

Ekran Görüntüsü - 2023-10-27 15-55-08.png

On kde plasma, icon on the task manager (the panel) is is still broken, but the tray icon is fine and functional.  Server side decorations are intact.

Ekran Görüntüsü - 2023-10-27 16-14-29.png

On the general feedback, I think (double?) clicking to the icon should directly show and hide it.
We have proper MPRIS on both these desktops so the icon itself doesn't really need play/stop functions, so I'll stay neutral on that.

Ekran Görüntüsü - 2023-10-27 16-19-37.png

And slightly off-topic, it would be very cool if we could access the lyrics part through dbus or a temporary .lrc file etc, and then us community can make fancy desktop extensions to karaoke them on panels or desktop etc. Would like to contribute if it was open but this is not the expectable case here, so I just wanted to ask here 😛

@Jack_l0 wrote:

That might be a Linux/gnome limitation.  
No app that i have works with double click, tried with Steam, Skype, Caprine, Transmission, etc.

You need to have libindicator-gtk3 installed as stated in the gnome-shell-extension-appindicator repo for double click function. (it works with Steam, Telegram, Element... for me, not with spotify yet)


It doesn't work on Fedora 38 with the lastest + (Flatpak) version. Using wayland. Closing Spotify closes the app and does not minimize it to the tray.

It's finally working!! Thanks to the devs!

(Fedora 38 with KDE Plasma on Wayland)


Hey saschaeggi, we do not officially create a Flatpak. So, I don't know who creates this package that you refer to

Still, I need more info to know what's going on. Such as what's you window manager, since not all provide tray icon support

Hey Beryesa, thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately the "double-click" is not possible by default due to a limitation of the underneath library. We chose to use this one (libayatana), as it's the most common across different distros. Still, I keep an eye to alternatives.

About lyrics, unfortunately it's not possible for a few reasons. First, they are protected by copyright, and thus Spotify cannot distribute them externally to the application. Also, there's no standard (afaik) to publish them, such as there is MPRIS for desktop integration

Hey @pgomes I got an update this morning and now it seems to be fixed on my end as well! Thanks so much for your work on the linux client! ❤️

Recently, after starting spotify and minimizing it to tray, the window cannot be restored from the tray. Right clicking the icon and selecting "show spotify" doesn't bring the window up, although the text does change to "minimize to tray" so it seems like something is happening, the window just isn't appearing. Attempting to open the window through either the panel launcher or application runner seems like it's trying to open the window and then fails. This is on KDE plasma wayland session. This problem only started since the last update, before that the minimize to tray worked perfectly. There was no output in the logs when the window fails to open.

Hey Slysoft, we already detected the problem and fixed it. A new release with the fix should be available after Friday

it works again, cheers!

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