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Getting error GPU process isn't usable


Getting error GPU process isn't usable






Samsung Laptop

Operating System

Ubuntu 20.04


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I have notices that I am able to use spotify only once per user session and when I close it once, it just won't start again without a full l restart. Running it from the terminal gives the following error. Even the "--disable-gpu" cli option didn't help. Any ideas on how to fix this?



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Try --no-zygote.

It works.  Now how does this get an official fix rather than people having to search dark corners for work-arounds?

one year and 4 months and stil no official fix??

It works.

Just tried on a freshly installed Bunsen Labs distro (formerly Crunchbang based on Debian).

Spotify doesn't care about linux... The bug still unsolved.

The Debian package (from  actually seems to work perfectly for Ubuntu, the issue is probably related to the Snap package. Snap seems to have a long lasting relationship with graphics issues.

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