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Ghost Playlist that I cannot delete or view

Ghost Playlist that I cannot delete or view

My Question or Issue

Hi! I just today found a ghost playlist in my library, I would like to remove it but I don't seem to interact with it in any way. It only seems to show up on and not the iOS app. If I click on it, it only shows me what is shown in the screenshot below.


Please help me out! It's not fun


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(this should have been included)

Screenshot 2023-10-10 23.26.07.png

Faced the same problem. I searched for information about this for quite a long time, but never found anything. Idk what to do 😞Screenshot_34.png

Hey @ThePromisedEnd 


Looks like a glitch. Have you already tried right clicking on it or hitting the Delete key while having it as an active selection?

It may also be a cache issue, so I'd suggest clearing up cache on your browser to see if it helps. : )

Let me know how it goes!

Hitting Delete doesn't do anything, neither does right clicking nor clearing the cache.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention: I checked how it would look an a different computer (asus win10) and it looked the same.

Hey folks, 


Just to confirm, have you deleted any playlist recently or did this randomly appear? 


If you're able to use the desktop app, it would also be worth checking if you experience the same behavior. 


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.

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Before I noticed this, I wanted to first tidy up my profile, organize it properly by cleaning up the list of unnecessary followings and saved playlists, which exceeded 500+. I also removed likes on some tracks.


This took me about 2-3 hours, and then I noticed this issue as soon as I removed all the filters in the search for my library!

I was also organizing my library, but I was mostly rearranging my playlists. Might have deleted a playlist or two, but it doesn't seem like deleting playlists creates any from what I have seen, so to me it seems like it just randomly appeared.

I have the same issue. Annoying as **bleep**. I think it has to do with playlists that have been removed by the creator. If you follow a playlist and it gets deleted it kinda creates this zombie playlist in your library that is impossible to delete instead of you know, deleting it. 🙄

Yeah, maybe. Mine doesn't appear when i use the filters "playlists by you" or "playlists by spotify"

this is a bug. Spotify has trouble removing playlists we have liked, but were since deleted by the user who created them.

maybe, could be it

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