Inbox Playlist


Inbox Playlist

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Wow, just wow.  Again, what can I say.  I've been a Spotify member since 2011 and a premium member since 2012.  The whole removal of the inbox messaging functionality was a slap in the face.  Especially since there was no proper warning.  I had a solid 6 years of memories shared between several friends and myself, all lost.  Today (like every day) I log into Spotify, and what do I see? A collaborative "Inbox" playlist.  What a poor excuse of a replacement feature for an extreme loss.


At this point, I feel that Spotify is just rubbing salt into my wounds.  Getting rid of so many wonderful and innovative functionalities (Lyrics, 3rd party aps in general, seeing who follows your playlist not just a number, etc).  How can Spotify look their customers in the face and tell them the inbox functionality was removed due to "lack of engagement" and "too much man power to maintain" and then instead of rolling back the release, they spend even MORE man power to create a poor excuse of a replacement "Inbox" playlist.  I'm utterly disgusted with Spotify and I never thought I would see this day.  Since day one in 2011, I've been urging everyone I know to use Spotify, but the lack of innovation and customer service has left me with more than just a sour taste in my mouth.  If this is not fixed, it will be time to move on. Two steps backwards for Spotify.