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[Linux] Spotify 1.0.X freeze my kde desktop enviroment

[Linux] Spotify 1.0.X freeze my kde desktop enviroment



Spotify 1.0.X working fine on my Linux desktop but about Spotify 1.0.10-12 (I don't remember good) I have still issues like in topic title.


So, when I run spotify all works fine but when I start playing any song, desktop KDE enviroment freeze for few seconds (5-10 or more). After that, all works but when I try minimalize Spotify this freeze is again, also is when I look at thumbnails in the taskbar.


I use Linux x64 with KDE 4.15.4 and this happen every new Spotify update, only old like Spotify 1.0.6 or 2 work fine.


In attachments I attach console log from running spotify. I run spotify in terminal and I see one error when spotify freeze my desktop:

spotify:21517): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: Value returned from property 'Get' call for 'CanControl' should be 'b' but is 'a{sv}' 


All log in attachments.


Anyone have this issues or know how to fix it? Maybe devs can help it?

2 Replies

The way you describe it, my guess is that KDE freezes when it finds a D-Bus application that is not following the spec, like a recent version of Spotify. Version 1.0.6 likely didn't implement D-Bus at all. This looks like both a Spotify problem, not following the spec and a KDE problem, hanging when encountering broken applcations.


Spotify announces the org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player D-Bus interface, but doesn't implement all of it, which you according to the spec MUST.


Except waiting for us or KDE devs to fix there is nothing I can think of.

As a workaround, you can launch Spotify in its own dbus session. KDE and other programs won't be aware of it, so they won't be able to control Spotify via dbus, but at least Plasma won't freeze when you mouse over its icon in the taskbar!


Just edit the Spotify menu entry/desktop icon and prefix it with dbus-launch, e.g.:

dbus-launch spotify %U


Note that with this quick hack the dbus daemon will linger around after you close Spotify. You could write a wrapper script to kill it when its done, but I only start Spotify once anyway so I didn't really care.

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