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No Images and Text (Ubuntu 14.04)

No Images and Text (Ubuntu 14.04)

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I reinstall Spotify but same problem. Also i cleaned cache but it didn't fix.

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Hello @ysfbkrcn and welcome to Spotify Community,


It looks like content fails to render.

Can you please disable the hardware acceleration in the Preferences  ( press ctrl+P or edit > Preferences ) and see if the issue persists ? 

Hi @Dreadlord,


Issue is persistsing. When spotify run first time, there was no problem. I quit spotify, opened next day and this problem.

Hey @ysfbkrcn,


Can you please let me know what version of Spotify you are running?


last version. i followed Installation guide.

Hey @ysfbkrcn,


If you followed the installation guide, you are using the latest stable version.

Can you please install the latest non-stable version and see if the issue persists?

You can download the .deb package from here.


Let me know the outcome : )

thanks for your help @Dreadlord.i didn't install latest non-stable but today spotify is back!  


i don't know how but it is working like first time. i hope it doesn't happen again.

Hi I experienced the same problem. Unfortunately the problem did not dissappear as magically as it appeared. But downloading and installing latest non-stable fixed the problem. For now 🙂

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