[Solved] Few broken things since latest update


[Solved] Few broken things since latest update







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Since yesterday's update of flatpak version there are now some broken things that always worked in last few years.


1) The app is now opening in top left corner and in a fixed size. After resizing the app and closing the new app size is not remembered.

2) The icon now shows the generic Xorg icon, however upon open and close you can briefly see correct icon

3) Last, but not least, the App now cannot be pinned to taskbar as it used to be on KDE Plasma 5.22.5


Here are also few links to the github flatpak issue tracker in regards to this:

- Size and taskbar pinning

- Icon


Also a screenshot of the issue attached.

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Hack meanwhile this gets fixed:


spotify &
sleep 0.5
xdotool set_window --classname Spotify --class spotify --name Spotify $(wmctrl -l | awk 'END{print $1}')

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