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Unable to download debian packages

Unable to download debian packages









PC - Ryzen 5950x

Operating System

Ubuntu 22.04


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  Error reading from server. Remote end closed connection [IP: 80]
E: Failed to fetch  Error reading from server. Remote end closed connection [IP: 80]


 When I try to follow the debian package instructions, it seems like the repository is downloading very slowly (50 kb/s) and then eventually disconnecting me. I have 1gbs fiber and I only have issues with this repository. It seems like it's overloaded or not supported very well.


I prefer to install using debian packages as the snap store tends to have bugs and contaminates my system with strange configurations that are hard to debug.

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Hey @bkite 


I've had the same issue with that particular server. The only method that helped me get the .deb downloaded is opening the repository site in browser and attempting to download the newest version from there 'by hand'. It won't be that slow, but will cut connection every few seconds, so in the end you have to retry quite a few times before you get the file downloaded. How good the integrity is is a different topic, as there's no way to check.

I haven't had issues with Spotify installed from such a .deb, but it also never updated past its initial downloaded version. : ) Likely just because the connection doesn't last. So you have to take care of updating the client too.
Upside is.. it's fast!

Hope it helps, have a lovely day! I wish the site worked better since .deb packages are generally pretty fault-proof compared to snap and are far better to handle.

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