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Web Player Firefox Linux one song connection lost


Web Player Firefox Linux one song connection lost

Hi, even when I listen to a song with the web player, I lose my connection to Spotify.
But unfortunately I have no more information other than this text.
See the screen shot in the Attachment.
Can someone help me here somebody?

I use the web player, since the Linux client sometimes freezes the entire desktop.
Since only helps: [STRG + ALT + F1] -> Login & kill spotify
or if the window is still active: [ALT + F4] -> Close Spotify in tray
Maybe someone has a solution to. 😉


Kind regards, Cyb10101


Accepted Solutions
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Thanks @Dreadlord & @luuko, this two solutions helped.


Wait/Update Firefox higher than 43.0


Update Linux Spotify Client higher than

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5 Replies

Hey @Cyb10101,


Judging by "Close Spotify in tray" I guess you were using the 0.9 client.

You can try this .deb package ( latest build ) and if the freezing issue persists I will be able to troubleshoot this for you 🙂

Also, it is easier to troubleshoot the connectivity issue while using the desktop client 🙂


Hi, true I had this version: Linux Spotify Client

The update for the Linux client has resolved the issue.


For the Web client, yet no fix is probably there?
Seem to have had a number of people times.

Times it has been fixed set by your country.
Sometimes by removing the cookies.


But at least you can fortuitous again on the computer with a music player.  😉

Hey @Cyb10101,


There were various issues with the web client lately and some of them still persist, but al least you have your desktop client working now.

P.S. You can use the developer console in firefox/chrome to troubleshoot the issue with the Web Player and post the output here so I can take a look as well if it does not make sense to you 🙂

I've the same issue with the Web Player, stops after one or two songs. It started with Firefox 43, my laptop still has F42 and it's playing fine there. On 43+ the webconsole shows this when the unable to connect message appears:


16:58:42.317 Translation param length mismatch on string: Can't connect to Spotify. {{REASON}}Trying again now{{LOADER}}1 bootstrap.js:5:426
_</</<() bootstrap.js:5
_</<() bootstrap.js:5
Spotify.Web.Error/this.onNotify() spotify.web.client.js:381
Spotify.Web.Publisher/this.notify() spotify.web.client.js:317
Spotify.Web.Core/t() spotify.web.client.js:126
Spotify.Core/J() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:540
Spotify.EventTarget/this.dispatchEvent() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:224
Spotify.Gateway/r() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:174
Spotify.EventTarget/this.dispatchEvent() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:224
Spotify.WebSockets.Bridge/m[3]</this.onDisconnect() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:216
Spotify.WebSockets.Bridge/this.initialize/<() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:217
Spotify.EventTarget/this.dispatchEvent() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:224
Spotify.WebSockets.Client/this.connect/n.onclose() spotify.sdk.5.8.3-8be3a59.min.js:220


Sadly it just looks like an error displaying the error, rather than the actual error, if you know what I mean 🙂

Marked as solution

Thanks @Dreadlord & @luuko, this two solutions helped.


Wait/Update Firefox higher than 43.0


Update Linux Spotify Client higher than

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