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Why I can't hide/remove song on desktop?

Why I can't hide/remove song on desktop?

I am using the desktop version before there was like and dislike button, which removes the song from the playlist but now there is no hide or dislike button. This is very annoying for me to play the songs that I don't like. Please fix this ASAP.

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I just joined today, if you are tell me that the dislike button is gone Spotify then when the 3 free months are up. I will be gone. Bring it back.

Same problem, where is the button? (song play from daily playlist ) 




Same problem here
This podcast episode is annoying me since the time that I heard one episode of them (and I dislike it very much), How can I remove it from there, this is frustrating and annoying!

Spotify bug.png

two years and the dislike/hide button is still missing
it's present in my mobile, but I want to hide/dislike/hate some of the songs that keep popping up in my daily mix.
and I really don't like to do that on my mobile

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