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attempting linux login - browser window not showing

attempting linux login - browser window not showing

I'm installing the deb as shown here. This worked on a couple computers I owned in the past, but not today. 


All I'm getting when starting the program is this message. I do have a browser installed, accessible through x-www-browser (among other binaries). How do I solve this?



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I had the same problem. Fixed by switching my standard browser in settings from Konqueror to firefox. It then worked immediately. Hope this helps.

also in spotify there is settings page when trying to lock in where i chose no proxy.

Any luck with this? I run into the same problem on Debian 12 Bookworm.

On Debian 12, the solution mentioned by darkgoule works as well.

On Debian 12 bookworm the same problem when using Firefox ESR. Darkgoule's suggestion of changing proxy settings to 'no proxy' did not work.


EDIT: I hadn't noticed that my default browser is set to Konqueror. After changing it to Firefox ESR, Spotify opened the login tab just fine. So answer by darkgoule worked for me.

Temporarily swapping default browser worked for me

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