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"spotify:" commands

"spotify:" commands

I am with a church and we use a program called ProPresenter for our media during service. We also use Spotify for pre/post service music. Does anyone know of some creative ways we can use the "spotify:" commands since our program allows those as links. I have found where you can use one to start a track and view a playlist but that is about all I can figure out. I really wish there was a command to start playing from a playlist automatically instead of just showing it. Also a stop playing command would be very helpful. Thanks!


Here is an example of how it allows me to have certain commands as url links inside of our program:

TinyGrab Screen Shot 11-17-14, 11.56.15 AM.png

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Hi there welcome to the community,


I don't know much about ProPresenter, but if you are able to use AppleScript, then you might want to give that a try.


tell application "Spotify"
    play track "spotify:album:7ppypgQppMf3mkRbZxYIFM"
end tell
tell application "Spotify" to pause

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Hi Friends, 


Did you ever figure out how to get ProPresenter to play nice with Spotify?

This won't answer your question, but you might want to reconsider what music service you use for pre-service/post-service music as Spotify's terms of service does not allow for public use. So even though you're covered under the religious service exemption of copyright law, you are breaking Spotify's terms of service by using it for public use.

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