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10,000 song limit

10,000 song limit

This is more just a plea to the people at spotify:


Why have you put a limit on how many songs we can have in our own music? It just makes no sense!! I've filled up my 10,000 song limit allowance already and now want to save more music but can't.


The quicker this can be changed the better as I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription



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This is a (non-official) response I found on another site, I too have the same issue


1. Very few playlists approach 10000 songs. If we increased the limit, it would only benefit and extremely small fraction on users, so we'd be spending precious resources on something that only a fraction of users would benefit from. 

2. For users that approach the limit, it's very easy to work around by creating another playlist. 

3. It's not clear if a single long playlist of 10000+ is a very useful way of navigating songs.


From here

When Spotify made it clear they didn't care what their users want, I downgraded to v .9.7.16. However sooner or later Spotify will make it really clear they don't care what their users want and force an upgrade. I was skimming through the forum and noticed this topic. I have about 3,000 CD's ripped to my hard drive and many more digitally purchased tracks. Is Spotify seriously saying they'll only import up to 10,000 tracks? I can understand having a 10,000 track limit per playlist but limiting an entire collection to 10,000 tracks is just plain stupid. It's not like Spotify's catalog is close to being complete or anything.

I think the 10,000 track limit is just an issue with the Your Music not with the Local Files folder of the app. I believe you are still able to add as many local file songs as you wish. Although I only have a little over a couple thousand right now as most of the music I had in local files I found in the spotify service and use those versions instead. Everytime I have done a full fresh install of the spotify desktop app the first thing it does automatically is search for local music files still, and always adds what is currently almost 7800 tracks currently. You can add it all just be prepared for the spotify app to automatically link any local files you have with whatever is in the spotify service. I always drag and drop manually any local music files a few at a time such as single albums and adjust accordingly to what spotify wants to do from there. As sometimes the spotify linking can get screwy and messed up.

You can definitely have more than 10k local files imported. The 10k limit only applies to your music (which you can't *really* add local files too at the minute anyways).

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Thanks  guys. Good to know Spotify isn't that crazy yet.

By the way, the actual limit for songs per playlist is 1,000, as far as I know. And drawing a conclusion from the fact that hardly anyone has playlists longer than 10,000 songs to limiting the complete user library (which is Your Music -> Songs now) to 10,000 songs is hard to understand. I like the new easy method of saving an album which automatically adds all its songs to Your Music -> Songs, but I have to keep in mind this limit all the time and only pick the most interesting albums from my favorite artists, otherwise I already would have hit it in the meantime. Users who are not aware of it (probably most Spotify users) will simply run into this wall wondering what happened.

@hans-jürgen Is that limit exactly at 1000? I just tried a test playlist to see if I could reach this limit? I am already over the 1000 limit with all spotify content no local files at all. In fact I am at exactly 1147 songs on a test playlist. I like to see things sometimes myself, I have always seen the 10,000 track limit, so I wondered and tested, I think I broke it. 🙂

I thought I had read about a 1,000 songs limit recently, but maybe got something wrong, perhaps in the context of radio stations internally only using the first whatever number it is when you base them on a playlist. I have some old playlists myself converted from which have more than 1,000 songs as well, e.g. my loved tracks.

Ahh ok, no harm no foul, just checking and making sure I am not reading things wrong. "Now wipes forehead of sweat thinking of needing more playlists when I actually don't". 🙂

It's not about single playlists. A couple of month ago i erased all my carefully built up playlists (sorted by genres and artist) and switched to the, as easy to handle declared album section. Now i reached the limit of songs and can't save any more music... this is so depressing!!!




And if the argument against this, is that "only a smal group of people would benefit from", i just can say that in this case

Spotify isn't thankful enough to those who are useing and supporting the plattform the most!


Peace out

-Mike (germany)

this is not about playlists but your music library

this is not about playlists

partymayc schrieb:

It's not about single playlists. A couple of month ago i erased all my carefully built up playlists (sorted by genres and artist) and switched to the, as easy to handle declared album section. Now i reached the limit of songs and can't save any more music... this is so depressing!!!

It might still be possible to restore your deleted playlists in your account settings, so you could e.g. move your old playlists into one new playlist folder and play that whole folder in shuffle mode. It's the only way of having more than 10k tracks in one place at the moment besides the Starred playlist which also allows that, but the handling of such large playlists is very slow in the current desktop version:


By the way, this is an old thread, the current related idea to vote for a higher limit is here:

I've been at my limit for a while now so have to choose what to delete in order to save new music to avoid it automatically deleting the new music.

I'm a massive music fan but feel the walls of Spotify are closing in on me as I am forced to streamline the music I have saved.

Increasing this limit has to be a no brainer for Spotify if they want to appeal to proper music lovers.

Honestly I've got a little over 15,000 purchased tracks in my personal collection from pre spotify days and spotify limits my local files collection to 10,654, I'm considering switching to Apple music or Google play music because it's a pain to sort through tracks, because I don't need all the songs in spotify per say but  because of the limit it leaves out tracks that aren't available on spotify.

I just started a Google Play trial due to this limitation.  I have a very wide taste in music, so any "station" will never cover all what I like.  It may help with a current mood I am in, but not help me when I just want to shuffle through all the songs I like.


I just rebuilt my library in Google Play (10,500+ songs so far) and it keeps going.  


I like the social features on Spotify, but I am not sure if they are enough to keep me when I cannot keep my library as full as I would like it to be.


In 28 days I have a big descsion to make...

I will be leaving spotify because of this limitation.
I found out about this limitation from a friend also leaving because of this.
I'm here to verify it is true, and it seems it is.
Very dumb move, Spotify.

Happened to me. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. 


I thought it had to be a hardware issue. I have gone in and tried to put stuff on "Play Offline" mode over and over again only to loose them. Frustrating for a guy who travels a lot without the option of online play when in the air or on the road in the middle of nowhere. 


Can someone plainly state to me what the maximum number of "Play Offline" songs is?


And/or is there a way to download the files (in playable format) to my micro sd card?


There is a limit of 3,333 songs for offline, which is different to the limit of songs that you can have in your library:!/article/How-many-tracks-can-I-sync-to-my-device

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