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Accidentally deleted songs in playlist

Accidentally deleted songs in playlist






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I Accidentally deleted much songs in playlist. Normaly I can use CTRL+Z to restore them but not this time. The songs are gone I can't bring them back. Those where dozen of tracks collected in many years!

I know I can restore a deleted playlist but is there a way to restore deleted songs? Or see some kind of "delete history"?

Hope so .. 😞

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Hey @dj_dwarf 


By any chance did you try doing ctrl+shift+z


Also there is a way to see you listen history, if you go to you play queue and click history you will see the last 50 song you have listen to.


Click here to be taken to the Play queue and History support page.



Thanks for your reply. ctrl+shift+z dont work. I also havent listen to the songs. I was in filter view and deleted them somehow by keycommand.


Meanwhile I contact spotify support by chat and they restored the songs. They sad It take a while and I should wait some more days till the songs come back. Hope this will work. But support was very helpfull and fast.


Hoping the best 🙂

Perfect!!! Hopefully you'll get them back soon!


Happy Listening


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