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Audio Output of Spotify

Audio Output of Spotify



can i change the output source of spotify? can't find anything about it.. 


best regards

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Spotify does not currently contain this functionality.  If you want Spotify to include this functionality in the future, you should definitely check out the Spotify Ideas category, and post something in there if it does not already exist.  Spotify has already implemented several of the suggestions that have been posted there.



i already found a post in the ideas part. But is there any other way to play the music on another output source? (not in spotify)


The reason why I'm asking is that I'm going to stream some gaming. I installed a programm to create virtual audio cables (with Video Audio Cable 4.10) and the sound of the game is send to one cable which sends the sound to my headphone (for me) and to another cable (for the streamviewers). I need to setup Spotify to stream to cable #3 which sends the signals to my headphone & to the streamviewers..


Line 1 (Game) -> Line 2 (Stream)

Line 1 (Game) -> Headphones

Line 3 (Music) -> Line 2 (Stream)

Line 3 (Music) -> Headphones


Does anyone know a way so i can do that temporarily till a software solution is implemented? 

Sorry if its the wrong platform for this question..


Best regards


If you're using a Mac,


Install Soundflower

Then create a multi-output device in Applications>Utilities>Audio Midi Setup that outputs to headphones and Soundflower 2ch.

Make your default system output the device you created.

Change your streaming software's input to Soundflower 2ch.


Hope that works and sorry I'm a year and a half late!

Hi there found help, it works!!


if anyone still neeeds this 😜

FIVE years later and Spotify still doesn't offer a way to select the output.

Terrific, I've used Soundflower before (and didn't want to fork out for Loopback) - multi-output group in Audio Devices works a treat, thanks!

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