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Remove album art

Remove album art

Can I remove the viewing of album art?  Some of the art is just plain inappropriate and racy and I really don't need to be seeing it consistently.

Any help?

6 Replies

Under the View menu, UNcheck "large now playing artwork."  You'll get a VERY small album cover.

I agree wholeheartedly! I want to be able to listen to music without worrying that my kids are going to look over at the screen and see an inappropriate cover art. There is some good music that for whatever reason the art on it is just rude. If we could just hide that feature, or just hide certain covers, it would REALLY be helpful!!!!!!!

Yes, please. Albam art sucks! Me and lots of other people I know would listen to spotify much more if we could turn off the album art!!

This option is not availabe on Macs 😞  I'm consistently covering the window on my work Mac because so much album art isn't safe for work. The last one was a woman who was nearly naked. Please let me hide album art on a Mac too!

Do you mean when you make a playlist that it has the album logos in a collage and you want it to be a logo of your own?

This option is not available on Windows. I listen at work so racy art is a concern, but a larger problem is that the album art takes up a huge part of the screen, so the scrollable area is annoyingly tiny when I am trying to find an artist or playlist. I have no interest in ever seeing the album art, so this is just an irritation. Please fix this issue on Windows.


EDIT: Found it. It is not a menu item, if you hover over the album art there is a tiny down-caret. Click it and the album art is minimized.


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