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I can't login with facebook, tried generating a code with facebook to let me login and that wont work. can't click on the spotify app through facebook and that won't work. This is so frustrating and nothing is working. I HATE the customer service through here. Whats the point of having it if you can't listen. I had to make a new account just to comment in this blog. I would like to access my old account!!!!!

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Hey, i understand it could be frustrating not being able to login with facebook. I has similar problem here are the steps that i followed that did help. 


1. Check if your facebook account is already linked with some other spotify account. 

2. If so, go to facebook applications and remove spotify completely from facebook so it wont be linked with any other spotify account. 

3. Then go to the spotify account you want your facebook to link to and then continue the process of adding your facebook to the account. 


If not, Try a different browser or a different account but the above directions should work. Please keep in mind both of the acconts spotify and facebook should not be linked with any other accounts. If so please check and remove any accounts and try the process again. 

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