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Unable to login with correct Facebook credentials


Unable to login with correct Facebook credentials

I have been able to login to Spotify web player with Facebook for the last few months without issue. Today, for whatever reason, I am unable to login with my Facebook credentials. I am still able to login to Facebook with no problems, but Spotify said my username or password is incorrect, which is not right at all. And when I tried logging out of Facebook to login to Spotify manually with my facebook credentials, I got the same error message from Spotify, but somehow I was logged back into Facebook through this process, which means my credentials work. Help!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.36.00 AM.png

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I would like to post my fix for this.
The free account apparently locks to the country set in your Spotify account settings. This prevents you from logging in when in different countries without an actually meaningful message.
In my case it got fixed by just logging in to with Facebook, going to edit profile and changing the country.
Hope it helps,

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83 Replies

i'm getting the same problem. i'm using linux. It's really bumming me out!

I have been having the same issue at login. I keep getting a 404 error

I'm having the same problem.  I was able to listen to some songs a few minutes ago, then I closed out.  Opened it back up and couldn't sign in at all.

I was listening to music then I updated spotify. Now I get an error 404 when I open spotify. Can't log into the web player either. Using facebook credentials.

I am getting 404 on my logins to the downloaded player as well.   Its letting me in it just refuses to load content - "file cannot be played offline"


no updates pushed to the pc


PLEASE fix this.  I need to drown out this noise..... 

Won't work for me either.

I tried the web player as well and couldn't log in.

I have tried my Iphone, Ipad and PC. So far nothing.

They all seemed to be working fine yesterday.

Hey guys we're already on the case. We'll post again here when we have an update! Thanks 😉



THANK YOU!!!!!!  Lets hope it stays up.  I hate youtube!


I have another computer that still hasn't updated and my spotify works fine on it. it must be something to do with the upgraded spotify. (One of my computers works, one doesnt). Web play doesn't work on either though.

I have a Chromebook, so I use the Spotify app on my laptop instead of the .exe full program. I pay for Premium, as well. I opened my app a little while ago, and my account had been logged out for some reason. I have never logged out of Spotify on my computer. Okay, no big deal, just log back in. Nope. Kept telling me "incorrect username and password," so I closed the app, logged out of all devices, and reset my password. Had no problem logging back into the app on my phone, but the app on my computer keeps telling me my password is incorrect. I even deleted the app from my laptop and redownloaded it. Still no luck. I've done everything I can think of to solve the issue, but nothing is working. Please help! I might die from rage if i have to hear my boyfriend play Girl Talk - All Day one more time. Thank you!


Been getting a 404 temporary sign in issue all morning. I've restarted, refreshed, re-installed, still a no-go.

Thank you for posting the link with the update. Hopefull this will be fixed soon. 

"what I've been listening to" doesn't work, won't let me log in.


Hopefully they fix this soon!

I'm in too! Thank you for the quick fix!

Hey again everyone! Anyone still having trouble with this? 


You should now be able to log in without any issues. 

Confirmed I can log in again.  Thank you!  Browse does not seem to be loading but my playlists are

Thank you for fixing the problem. 

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