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Spotify starts playing randomly

Spotify starts playing randomly

I tend to leave my computer running, so when spotify suddenly decides to start playing a song while I am asleep, it freaks me the hell out.  Sometimes I am playing a game and spotify decides: "It's music time!" and starts playing a song.  I have to exit out of the game to stop the song playing.  I do have media keys on my keyboard, but whenever I press them after the musical suprise it only restarts the song.


Why does spotify want to keep me awake with music I didn't ask for?

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I have a similar problem since yesterday. When I wake up my computer from sleepmode, Spotify starts playing a totally unknown song. Yesterday it was some minutes later, today directly after wake up. Spotify was paused before I put Windows asleep.


I get this after using my multimedia keys on the keyboard to pause playback..

Very annoying that no one solves to this thread

I have this issue as well, using it at work I have to walk away from my desk on a regular basis.


From what I have found it's when a full window ad pops up over the spotify UI. This for some seriously retarded reason triggers the music to un-pause.


After some research I found that this generally won't happen if the system volume is muted as ads won't "play" with mute on. I have a button on my mouse set to mute/unmute so I used an app called EventGhost to listen to the events: System.Mute and System.UnMute and then used a Emulate keystrokes {MediaPlayPause}


It's not perfect as sometimes an ad will show either way but it's not happening every time I walk away from my desk.



Might not be the ads could just be EventGhost not issueing the {MediaPlayPause} 100% of the time.

Every time my internet goes OUT then comes IN Spotify continues playing the currently song WITHOUT my permission.


MAC OS X Mavericks


Steps to reproduce:

1. Turn on Spotify

2. Start playing a song

3. Have your internet go out (I was at work when this happened)

4. Pause the song

5. Have your internet work again


Behavior: Spotify starts playing music


Expected behavior: Spotify stays dormant 

That makes no sense at all. 

I know it doesn't make sense, that's why I posted my problem to THIS thread.


Those are the steps to reproduce and that's what happening.  

Just a few moments ago I was browsing Facebook and my Spotify was already paused and it started playing RANDOMLY.  


Before pausing, I was listening to Soundrop.  It started playing out of nowhere.  Not sure why.

I just tried to reproduce by disconnecting my internet but spotify remained paused. Have you tried reinstalling?

I have not tried that but I will do that right now.  Then keep an eye out for this to happen again.  TY.

This happens to me, soundrop suddenly takes over.


This is happening to me on a random but regular basis these days. I've made it a habit to mute computer volume and quit spotify before going to sleep (computer is powered on 24/7).

That way I'm double sure to avoid sudden surprises while sleeping.


Every time the random music starts playing, it is the music from the channel i recently listened to in soundrop.


As to reproducing, I have no idea what causes this. It can be fine for hours. Other times it can suddenly start playing soundrop music an hour after pausing, giving me a good scare if my volume is high enough 🙂

This just happened to me again.  I was listening to SoundDrop today then I paused it, watched some youtube videos, sent some Facebook messages then 


BAM, outta nowhere Spotfiy starts playing the music that's streaming on the SoundDrop station I had paused.  


This problem persists even after reinstalling the application.

Today I got to work and turned on my bluetooth headphones.


Spotify immediately started to play the SOUNDROP station I had paused from yesterday.  


There are no buttons on my headset to control the play/pause feature for the computer.

It is most likely caused by the media keys. For example: my keyboard is a Razer Lycosa and I have a little touch screen thingy on the top right hand corner which can pause unpause stop etc.. It appears that the people in this thread have said to sometimes have a choppy Internet AND media keys. This appears to be a bug in the soft and should be reported for patch. It is really annoying, when I record video games or play them for that matter it just starts playing, and as said before by others, when I'm frantically mashing all the media keys all of them function to restart the song.

The same thing happens to me, and i also have a Razer Lycosa keyboard, maybe we are narrowing down the causes!..

lets do the support job for them XD

This has happened to me a few times now. Spotify randomly auto plays a random song long after I stopped it / got up to leave my computer. 

I have a razor keyboard which has a touch pad where I can control music. Even if I don't touch it, the music will sometimes start playing or cycling frantically. It usually stops after I take the keyboard out and then plug it bag in again. I blame the keyboard.

I have the same problem as descibed in the previous posts. Have a Razer keyboard as well... yes, that's right ... Lycosa.

I am having the same problem. Even when I pause the music it pauses for a few seconds, or maybe until an ad comes up, and then the music resumes. It is very annoying, and I am surprised Spotify hasn't done something to address this issue yet. I even reinstalled Spotify but to no avail. Please help.

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