Clear Spotify history?

Clear Spotify history?


I'm really happy with Spotify, but recently a friend used my account to listen to some songs that I don't like. Despite several attempts to delete the songs in my history by reinstalling Spotify or restarting my computer, all have failed. So I'm assuming that this data is stored in "the cloud" somewhere. This leads me to believe that the only way to restart would be to delete my account and make a new one with the same email address. But based on the other forums, it doesn't seem like this is very easy either. I appreciate any help you can provide.

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These tracks that were played on your account - Are you trying to remove them from being shown on Facebook?
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I have got the exact same problem. 

I am trying to delete a couple of songs from my play queue history that wasn't played by me, but I can't figure it out. . . . 


I would like to know that answer to this as well.   My father was playing with my spotify account and listened to all sorts of music that I do not necessarily want showing up as suggestions for me or in my listening history (some of which I, quite frankly find offensive), granted I never share my listening to my facebook, but still, I feel like I should be able to clear my listening queue and start over should I so desire.  Not being able to clear my listening queue and start over is really frustrating, and, in my opinion a failure of design.




I really think that there should be a delete history feature and also a delete previously listened to radio stations. It would really help becasue I hav a shared computer and some people have listened to some really crappy music. and now all the apps that I can use inside spotify say that my favourite artists are justin bieber, rihannah, akon... and its a lie, I HATE them and it screws up my account. could you guys delete it for me or put a new feature that permits that? :D Thanks that would really make spotify top notch and I think it is quite urgent because lots of other people would love to be able to do that.

Please answer me :) thanks for the help


There a history tab in spotify and I would like to be able to delete the list of songs that were previously played. Also Spotify saves the radio stations that you have listened to. It would be really awesome if that would be delete-able too.

Plese help, It also screws up the in-spotify apps and chooses your favorite artists that are not your favorites if another person has used your account.


I know... I use the 'Soundrop' app a lot on Spotify and they don't always play songs I like and the song only has to play for a few seconds and it is put in my play queue history, which is well frustrating 


I know I used to be able to edit the history list, as i used to share accounts so I was able to always delete the tracks I listened to but it seems you can't do it anymore. . . 😞


I cantacted spotify and they said that you can't edit or delete it which I think isn't good. As the comment above says and I agree with it... its's a ''failure of design'' LOL


I agree, I find it pretty werid because if you left click on a track in the history tab, at the bottom of the list of options there is a delete option, but it is grey and it cannot be clocked. Why spotify Why? it seems so simple.


Yeah I know. I noticed it grey. it's kinda depressing 😞 LOL


Yeah, that's ridiculous that listening to 5 seconds of a song puts it in your history.  I think Itunes only considers a song played if you listen to the whole song.


Also, would be really nice to be able to delete certain songs from my history.  Especially with play counts, etc. being so visible socially.  Imagine if FB never let you delete a post!?!?!?!


This thread needs to be refreshed and brought back to the attention of Spotify. 


Please add a simple feature to allow any user to delete their history.  It is a rude thing to assume that people want to be tracked and even worse to not give them the option to remove it with an uninstall.  


Please take this serious as there are thousands of people out there asking all over the internet to be allowed to clear history.  Can you imagine a web browser that constantly tracked you and didn't allow you to clear history, or if Facebook never allowed you to remove a post, photo, message, etc from their site?  


Add a clear history feature.




I would like to have a feature like this also.


it appears as though Spotify is ignoring its community on this specific issue ... wonder why?


I would also like this feature....someone recently used my spotify, and played songs that I don't like, and would not like my friends on facebook to see either, therefore could you please enable this feature. 


I am not sure if the problem you are/ were facing is the same as the concern I had. I found that any songs or ads played would be saved in Main  > Play Queue > History and the option to delete when right clicking the item was greyed out. I overcame this as follows:


1. Sign out of Spotify, close the Spotify window and then by right clicking the Spotify icon in the system tray (on the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar for Windows desktops), exit the program. 


2. Go to the control panel and uninstall the program. Maybe even remove the file you downloaded to set it up initially. This step may not be necessary but I did it anyway.


3. Go to the Start Menu for your computer and type %appdata%


3. Find the Spotify folder (mine was in Roaming) and permanently delete the whole folder (Shift + Del).


4. If any exe files are open and therefore prevent you from deleting the Spotify folder from Appdata, go to the task manager to end the process. 


5. If you uninstalled Spotify, reinstall and sign in. Hopefully your history should be clear.


Tried and tested on Mac OS X with successful result.

File "track-player.bnk" is located here on Macs: "/Users/YourName/Library/Application Support/Spotify/Users/YourName-user/"


Don't expect this feature to be added since it has nothing to do with labour (takes 5 minutes to add if you have the source).

There is some ulterior motive behind this feature not being added so just use the write-protect database fix in the link above and don't wait for the feature to get added!

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Spotify is ~20% owned by four large Hollywood record labels. Other investors include Goldman-Sachs and Coca-Cola. None of these companies are socially progressive, people-friendly companies.Rather, they are almost universally reviled as some of the very worst, most evil, companies on the planet.


It might sound harsh, or pessimistic, but it is my opinion that in time, Spotify will be just as evil as these companies are. And so I wouldn't hold my breath for user-friendly features such as "delete history". Spotify sells this data. If this feature truly worked, i.e. deleted history on their servers as well as in the client, It would be like deleting money for them. It isn't going to happen.


Just go to %appdata% and hit the roaming folder, then spotify and find the users fold and delete the "User" with the account and delete it and log in to find a clean play queue and history. 😄 Hope it helps?! 


hey it worked! thanks!


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