Confusing Tick Button


Confusing Tick Button




The "add to library" icon is now a tick icon instead of plus button, but it is very confusing. Because the plus button is still used to add a song to the library in playlists/albums (on the main column) but it is different on the left bottom section.


You can see it on the attachments. I don't understand why it was changed.


If there is a tick, it means:

  • On the main section: it is in the library
  • On the playing now section: it is not in the library


What a confusing thing! Any idea?


I couldn't see the new topic button on ideas section, sorry if it is in the wrong section.



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Re: Confusing Tick Button

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Hi @koraykupe ! 🙂

It is a change from before, but hopefully I can clarify what you are seeing.

  • When there is a plus + sign it means the track is not in Library and can be added.
  • When there is a gray check mark (like in your playlist screenshot for the Calvin Harris track) it means it is already in the Library.
  • When there is a gray check mark in the bottom left play bar it means the track can be added by clicking it, but is not in Library (your example for the Zedd track).
  • When there is a green check mark in the bottom left play bar it means it is already in the Library (my screenshot). Clicking it here would remove it.

You can click and unclick the check mark in either area to move a song in or out of your Library.
It will show the green check mark in the playing section as well as a check mark by the song in the playlist only if it's in the Library.

Hopefully this wasn't a confusing explanation and have a great day! 🙂

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Re: Confusing Tick Button


Thanks a lot, but I am already aware of it. I know what they mean, but for a normal user it doesn't make sense to use different type of icons for the same action. It is really weird.