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Daily Mix 1 cannot be started

Daily Mix 1 cannot be started






(iPhone 6S, Macbook Pro early 2015)

Operating System

(iOS 11.3, MacOS Sierra 10.12.)



So every time I try to listen to my Daily Mix 1 either on my Laptop or on my Phone, I always get the messege: "Daily Mix cannot be started. Please try with something else."

This only happens when I'm trying to listen to Daily Mix 1 non of the other Mixes have this problem. It doesnt matter if Im on my Phone or my PC. I can play the Mix on my PC by pressing the play button on the face of the mix but I cant get the songlist to load.

My Wifi coonection is 150 Mb/s and when on my phone I usually have full bars, so i dought it's my connection.


Things I've tried so far:

1. Logging out of both devices at the same time

2. Deleting then reinstalling the Desktop and IOS Apps while signed out

3. Done 1. & 2. while connected to a different network



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