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Desktop app has the same interface as the Webapp

Desktop app has the same interface as the Webapp




The Netherlands



Macbook Pro

Operating System

macOS Catalina


Desktop app has the same interface as the Webapp

Same issue occurred when logging in on another device

When logging in with another account the desktop app turns to the normal interface


Seems like a problem related to my account.


Can't find any settings to change my account back to the normal interface..


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im thinking its a new update or something? They ruined the desktop app because its now indeed the exact same as the browser version where u can not search in playlist, see a song's playcount or see friends listening activity

Hey @spillingdrinks @mcjd95 

Fom the description you've given it looks like you are currently part of a test that Spotify is currently running with it's desktop experience. Spotify is always running tests and looking to improve the user experience in as many ways as possible, you can learn more about testing at Spotify here


Right now, it's not possible to opt-out of these tests however if your not happy with the new experience I'd recommend adding a +VOTE here to show your interest to Spotify to returning back to what you had previously.


Keep well, 

When is this garbage test going to finish? This is seriously impairing functionality. I can't load local music, I can't search my liked songs. 


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