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Extra window appearing on Dock.

Extra window appearing on Dock.

On my Mac, it seems to show this extra window that says "Spotify Premium" when you get close to it. I have tried reinstalling it but it still shows up. I'm not sure if this is my computers problem or if I have updated it in the wrong way. Thank you! 


Captura de pantalla 2023-07-31 a la(s) 08.29.15.png
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I had the exact same thing happen to me. It disappeared when closing Spotify. 

Hey folks, 


Thanks for getting in touch about this here in the Community. 


@janitamontani, just to confirm, are you seeing that icon only while the app is open and one you close it, it disappears? Additionally, you mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but would you mind going through the steps of a clean reinstall, as it's more thorough than a normal one?

@Fischiii, could you let us know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update? Also, could you let us know what happens if you click on that icon?


Lastly, sending us the exact make/model, operating system and Spotify version of your devices would come in handy. 


We'll be on the lookout.

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Last update problems in MacOS computers: multiple minimized windows in dock.



Same issue here. Very annoying. Right now I have 9 spotify windows in dock for 9 different songs. Fix this guys please

Hey folks,


We'd like to look further into this. Could you share the following info:

Also, do the new windows pop up every time you play a new song? A screen recording which captures the app's behavior would be greatly appreciated.


Once we have this info we'll forward it to our tech team.



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I have the same issue on Mac OS ventura 13.5.2, running spotify on version  

Screenshot 2023-09-13 alle 11.22.47.png


Thank you for providing the info as well as that screenshot! 🙌🏼

@pwlpnv & @axelpaint,

Please go over the troubleshooting steps mentioned by @Eni and let us know if they change anything.
In case the issue remains, we'd also need the following details (also requested by @Yordan above):

Many thanks in advance!

We'll be on the lookout

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Nothing has changed. Reinstalled a fresh download of spotify, now i'm running:


Spotify per macOS (Apple Silicon)


on a MACBOOK PRO M2 Ventura 13.5.2



Mine does this too, on a new Apple M2 Ultra. When I shut down Spotify, it (a think vertical line by the trash) disappears, and just relaunched and it hasn't reappeared yet.


I have the same issue. It's when i have it playing in the background, then come back to it and change the song, and use the minimize button. If the song name is different from the last time I minimized it, it will minimize to a new item on the dock. Leaving the old one there too.

I have this same issue on a M1Ultra MacOS 13.2.1, I deleted all library cache and reinstalled a new downloaded version of spotfy as suggested, it worked well only for a single day and now it's back with the multiple windows minimized on the dock. It appear to happen whenever I change pages inside the desktop app and minimize the window. 

I have the same issue as the original poster. I'm using macOS 12.6.7 and Spotify for macOS (Intel)

The Spotify Premium squashed icon seems to appear a few minutes into listening and hangs around until I close spotify. It doesn't do anything when clicked. I can drag it around in the dock but it snaps back to being between the downloads folder and the recycle bin.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago, perhaps when the DJ feature first appeared?

Same issue on Sonoma 14.0 running Spotify for macOS (Intel) Name of the window is a track I listened to earlier, not the name of the current track playing.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 8.35.08 AM.png

After starting the iMac and opening Spotify then minimizing the app adds the preview thumbnail to the dock as normal, however after clicking the Spotify dock icon (not the thumbnail) to reopen it then every subsequent minimize will add a new thumbnail to the dock. Note that if the dock thumbnail is clicked on to reopen, it will keep it to 1. 

iMac 2017

macOS: 13.5.2 (22G91)

Spotify for macOS (Intel)

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 8.43.38 AM.png

Hi @bradfilip,


Thanks for reaching out. When did this first start happening? Did it coincide with a MacOS or Spotify update? 


Let us know how it goes.

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I’ve noticed it for at least a few months now, but unfortunately can’t say
for sure whether it came after an update to the os or Spotify. Sorry I know
that doesn’t help much but I’m happy to provide any more test scenarios if
you’d like

Hey @bradfilip,


Thanks for getting back to us.

We'd recommend that you try deleting the prefs file, which holds information about the currently logged it account:

  1. Open Finder on your Mac and click Go > Library (if you don't have hidden folders enabled, press the option key first and it should appear).
  2. Go to Application Support > Spotify.
  3. There you'll find a file called prefs, simply delete it.
  4. While in the Spotify folder, you'll also find a Users folder. Open it and delete its contents as well.
  5. Restart the Spotify app.

Keep in mind that if you manually add lines to the prefs file we can't guarantee the app will work as intended.


In case the issue persists, we'd suggest that you perform a clean reinstall on the affected device. We recommend this step since it'll get you the latest app version with all necessary updates and remove any corrupted files from previous installations.


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you 🙂 

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This appears to have solved it - thank you.

Just like to note that I hadn't changed anything in the prefs file prior to this.





MacBook Pro 2021 Apple M1 Max

Operating System

macOS Sonoma Version 14.0 (23A344)

Spotify Version

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)


My Question or Issue

Minimizing Spotify adds a duplicate item to the minimized apps section of the taskbar. Clicking the Spotify application in the taskbar (The icon furthest left in the image, not the minimized windows on the right) will show the window without removing the minimized app icon on the right. I've repeated this process many times and it does not seem to affect the performance.
I can repeat this issue on boot when I have the startup and window behavior set to "Minimized". If I quit the application and re-open, this issue no longer occurs.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 10.57.23 AM.png

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