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[MacOS] No internet connection detected. (Error code: access point:31)

[MacOS] No internet connection detected. (Error code: access point:31)

I am trying to log ing, but I get the following error message (I am using Mac):

> No internet connection detected. (Error code: access point:31)

I tried to re-install the app, but it didn't work.
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Hey there,


Thanks for the post.


One reason for this could be your WiFi network. Try switching your router to IPv4, or connecting to a mobile hotspot WiFi from your phone and see if that makes a difference.


Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for you reply!

I am using Spotify on our corporate network, so I cannot control its settings. However based on `ifconfig` my network should have IP4 address (it has `inet NNN.NN.NN.NNN` line).


If I run the app from terminal with `--experimental-network` flag, everything seems to be working:


/Applications/ --experimental-network



It's a suboptimal solution though, because I need to keep the terminal window open. Maybe I can activate experimental networking somewhere in the app settings?

Fix 1. Reset internet connection

Resetting your internet connection will refresh the Spotify app, and enable a new connection to the server.

Switch your wifi router off and remove it from the powerpoint. Plug it back in after a few minutes, switch it back on, and connect your device back to it.

It is also beneficial to try accessing your Spotify app on your mobile data if you are experiencing this error on your phone.

This will also determine if it is definitely your wifi connection that’s causing the problem.

It is also beneficial to check the bandwidth of your internet connection. If it’s too slow, your connection will time out.

Use this link to test your internet speed.

Fix 2. Check access point settings

Your phone may be set up to work through a WAP connection that is not being compatible with your Spotify app.




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