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Macbook Spotify App Slow and Unresponsive

Macbook Spotify App Slow and Unresponsive



Country Sweden



(iPhone 13 Pro Max, Macbook 16-Inch 2021

Operating System: macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 (23D60)



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Ever since November/December i have been having issues with the Spotify app on my macbook it have been very slow and unresponsive in every aspect of using the app for example if i listen to ''Adore You'' by Harry Styles and then change to the next song which is ''No Rules''  by Dua Lipa then that song start playing but the right side of the screen still says ''Adore You'' and Harry Styles and it's his cover art still showing then it takes a good minute until it changes so the screen say ''No Rules'' and Dua Lipa and show her cover art for that song and another problem is when i try to delete or move song on my playlist it takes a good 20 seconds until the song is gone or moved where i want it and sometimes my playlist is taking ages to load so it's very slow and unresponsive and it has never been like this before and i have been using spotify since 2016 so I'm really confused and i have also gone through some troubleshooting which started with deleting the cache didn't work so i reinstalled the app didn't work then i deleted the app and all related files didn't work so my final idea was to completely factory reset my macbook and it solved the problem for 2 days then it came back and it just keeps going like this and i have completely no idea what is going on so i would need some help to figure out the problem!



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Welcome to the Community, @Joshler99!


Does the issue persist in the Web Player or is it only happening within the app?


If you've already tried with a reinstall, could you test with a different Internet connection? If you've been using Wifi until now, make sure to restart the router to test if that'll change anything.


Another option is to share Internet to your MacBook from your iPhone via Hotspot.


On another note, would you mind logging into a friend's or a relative's account in the app on your laptop? 


Thanks and we'll be on the lookout 🙂

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I have done some testing and It worked okay on web player but not on the MacBook app so i restarted the wifi and still didn't work so i tried hotspot which worked great on both app and web player for starters then when swapping back to wifi everything was a bit quicker on the app but it got slower on the web player so i tried hotspot again and it was a bit slower than normal so now both wifi and hotspot on app and web player are somewhere in between Normal and slow speed and my headphones seem to have no effect on the speed whatsoever so they are not part of the problem from what i understand so I'm still confused about what is going on

Hi @Joshler99


Thanks for the reply. It seems all of these factors are intermittent and inconsistent. Could you also try logging in using a different account as @Ivelina suggested? That would help us truly narrow down the possible root cause of the issue.


Keep us posted.

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