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Polish translation mistake

Polish translation mistake


Hi, my name is Dominik and I live in Poland. Today I saw upsetting translation mistake at author profile.

Here is a screenshot of this (bigger resolution -

Screenshot 2016-05-25 22-55-06.jpg

If author is male, the correct form is "Obserwowany".

If author is female, the correct form is "Obserwowana".


PS. (Sorry for any mistakes at my post)

Skrillex is male 😄

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Hey @rapt8r,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

Thank you for reporting this issue. I've passed this to the staff : )

Hey @rapt8r,


The staff is now looking into it  🙂

Screenshot 2016-06-02 19-17-16.jpg


Still bad form.

Also "Indie Music" is not "Muzyka z Indii", which translates to "Music from India"


Even if it's a delibarate tounge-in-cheek joke, and I doubt it is, it's very out of place.

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