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Removal of desktop notifications

Removal of desktop notifications

On May 15th, we will be turning off the in-app notifications "bell" on desktop. We are continuously working to improve and simplify our notifications features, and this change will allow us to shift our focus to email and push notifications. We are also working on completely new ways of keeping you up-to-date with new album releases, helping you discover new music, and know what your friends are up to.


To make sure you have your email and push notifications set up the way you'd like, check out the steps here.


Please share any feedback you have here in the Community. We're listening, and will pass it all on to the team.


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Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. Companion for Spotify does let me know when acts I follow have new releases out but it would be so much easier to get the info within Spotify itself. Release Radar is ok but it obviously doesn't perform the task as required. I'm not expecting any change but it is a little bit fun to renew acquaintances on the thread every few months. Sigh.

I've just gone through all the solutions and marked them as 'not the solution' and, weirdly, that seems to have cleared them - unless that's just from my perspective.

Looks like that worked ! 

Exactly ! Coding Is simple .. new song .. send notification to all artist followers. Can't be that hard and doubt would take that much to maintain. 

Not sure if this will work as a link, but everyone here should maybe vote in this thread if they haven't already.


[Desktop] Bring back Notifications from followed Artists

It doesn't

I searched for the term on the search box, and was able to vote on it.  This annoys me so much.

Also searched but I'd already voted. It's not just the artist notifications though, they've stopped playlist notifications too so if a playlist you follow gets updated, no notification. 


Not only that but the push/email notifications don't work either!! Not for me anyway. It's a complete cluster****!

If you try to understand and analyze the algorithms and suggestions Spotify will now hunt you down with legal action it seems :

The Discover -> Your Release Radar just isn't the same. The release radar is half irrelevant, repeats it self week to week and doesn't show what I want. I want a simple list of new release from the artists that I follow that persist over time so I can browse like a release history of all the artists i follow.


Very disappointed

You can downgrade and get the playlist notifications back. Search for rollback or downgrade spotify. I'm using that I found on the web somewhere.

It is 2018 now and I've still not forgotten how good the times with the bell were!


I'm enjoying my Tidal - since you took this feature.

I assume their focus is more on generating money and getting new users onboard than this minor technical issue. 

Albeit being technical minor, it was the best feature of Spotify. Currently I'm using external tools for tracking new releases. None of these being picture perfect <sigh>

Just decided not to renew my premium after I remembered they took this away from us.


It used to be so fun back in the days until they started cutting out every single feature we love.

How many more responses does Spotify need to bring back the feature thousands of people are asking for and millions would enjoy?

There is something ... on the Discover page, below "Playlists Made Just For You" and "Top Recommendations For You" is "New Releases For You" where you can see 15 latest releases from followed artists.

I'm not able to find that list... maybe it is not rolled out for everyone... All I have is "Release Radar" which uses some proprietary algorithm for choosing for me which releases i "want" to see and which not -.-...


This is just nothing compared back to the good, old bell days!



I also got that New Releases For you -section but there is a really random selection of bands and artists. Completely made by algorithm based on what have I listened. And it has nothing to do with bands I follow.


As a sidenote, most of them are single releases, and there are no signs to indicate that. Basically this section is like Release Radar torn apart; the songs are put behind individual single albums. So it's all about clicking back and forth to find a next song. At least using Release Radar you can listen more songs in a row. But that does not make it any viable product. 

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