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Scrolling issues when using Wacom

Scrolling issues when using Wacom

The scrolling is not working properly on Spotify App for Desktop (Mac). However I scroll (up or down) on any playlist the bar simply stops like it's stuck or something, it comebacks after a while but it's very annoying and I've never had this problem before. It happens when going down or up in any playlist. Already have reinstalled the app but the problem is still going on

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The same thing happens here. When I drag the scroll bar down, it suddenly stops. Then I have to let go and grab it again to be able to continue dragging the scroll bar down.


Very irritating, especially with long playlists and podcast lists.

Hey folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


This type of issue related to the scroll bar is commonly caused by some damaged cache stored on your devices. We understand you may have tried some troubleshooting steps including reinstalling, but to be sure that we're on the same page - did you use the steps for a clean reinstall mentioned in this article?


If the issue persists, would you mind checking if the issue persists when using the Web Player instead of the desktop app?

Lastly, include in your next response the OS version of the affected device, along with the Spotify version you're currently running to continue investigating the case.

We'll be on the lookout. 

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I'm here for the same reason. This problem just started out of the blue for me yesterday and persists today. Very frustrating issue. 


Spotify for macOS (Intel)


Ventura 13.4.1


*Issue isn't present using the Web Player

Just did a clean install and the problem remains. Some clarity on the problem for me is that you now have to be extremely precise in keeping your cursor on the bar and move very slowly if you want it to move. Falling off even slightly will stop the scrolling. Normal use is if you have your mouse clicked and held you can scroll down without losing "contact" with the bar like a magnet.


Clean re-install did nothing to alleviate the issue. 

Nothing seems to help. I did a clear install, after I deleted all of the cache and preference files.


Ventura 13.6.6

Spotify for macOS (Intel)

I also did the clean reinstall and the problem persists, the Webplayer has the exact same problem.


MacOS Monterey 12.5.1

Spotify for macOS (Intel)

Any development on this? still not working

Yeah I'm on Ventura & Spotify & it's happening here too. Absolutely infuriating. Sorry for my scepticism about your response but I don't buy that it's a damaged cache issue. I've been watching closely while I try to scroll & it appears that the normal tolerances for the positioning of the pointer & scroll bar are far too sensitive or broken somehow. The moment the pointer strays a pixel horizontally left or right from the scroll bar it stops & disappears. It doesn't happen on the web player. On that scroll bar behaves like all other apps & programs: once the scroll bar is engaged & I am dragging vertically it doesn't matter how far I stray horizontally from the bar.  

It will only be worked on if enough people complain, otherwise it's not worth them I guess.

Spotify really doesn't care about it's users, even the premium ones.

Hey folks,


Apologies for the radio silence.


We'd like to report this to our tech team, so for anyone still experiencing this, please send us whichever of the following you haven't already:

Thanks for your help!

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I've got the same issue using the web player on my windows 10 desktop.  If there was a recent upgrade to spotify, that's where I would look.

Sure no problem. Don't know why it would help, but here you go. You see the slider is dragged down and then it suddenly stops, while the cursor continues. 


Ventura 13.6.6

Spotify for macOS (Intel)

I'm having the same issue. Scroll bars sticking. Running Mac OS 14.4.1 Sonoma with Wacom Intuos Pro. Please advise. 


Are you using a Wacom by chance? I notice this only happens with my Wacom, not when I attach a wireless mouse. Just to help troubleshoot!

I'm also using a Wacom. It occurs when I use the Wacom, but when I use the mouse it's solved. Even when I use the Wacom after I've used the mouse. But when I restart the Spotify app and try it with the Wacom, it's broken again.

So sounds like it’s an issue with the Wacom driver and not Spotify… hopefully this is helpful for people experiencing the same issue!

Hells, you're right. I didn't even check with a mouse, but it works fine. Off to the Wacom message boards I guess!

For me, only Spotify has this problem. Nothing else on the whole system works that way. So I wouldn't say it's the Wacom's driver that is the problem but the conflict that it has with whatever Spotify changed recently. I would much rather Spotify fix whatever it did to cause this conflict then to start playing around with Wacom drivers which work fine with every other application including the OS. 

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