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Select All (Command + A) does not work to copy multiple songs on playlist

Select All (Command + A) does not work to copy multiple songs on playlist

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MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6


My Question or Issue

I would like to combine playlists. I have read I can use the "Command + a" function to select all the songs in one playlist, copy them, and then paste them all into another playlist.  However, nothing happens when I am in the old playlist and press "command + a".  Even if I go into the main Spotify menu, under "Edit" and "Select All", nothing happens

32 Replies

A month after I made this post, still no response from Xenia or fix. "Whats the matter Xenia? No more non-answers to give?"

Everyone, as an update I tweeted both Spotify twitters advising how poor the customer service is and they DM’d me 6/8. Unfortunately I only created an account for to complain and forgot to check my DM up until now. Just provided the link to this thread and my account info. Let’s see if there’s still no response. If this doesn’t work I’m deleting all my accounts. Anyone have any suggestions on a better service that cares about the customer’s issues?

Spotify on Twitter actually responded twice!!!! Woah, making moves. I sent them a link to this thread and they requested screen shots of the issue...... Same request from the person who responded once on this thread, and clearly they didn’t go to the link I provided. Seems like deja vu. I’ll keep you posted. Again, if anyone has suggestions on a music service with customer service, it would be greatly appreciated 

Spotify on Twitter informed me that these are new features and I should let them know how they are doing on this website...... HA! Management of customer service needs to be fired, specifically for this website, and someone in interface functionality and design needs to be fired for taking out a basic function! Million dollar question, why does it only effect new accounts!? No one will ever know

Just checking in. Seems like same useless app that can't do basic functions like select more than 1 song at a time.  Thanks for trying @ShaunWick  At least someone from Spotify even responded to you.  I've gotten nothing because Spotify employees know there is no good answer/acceptable reason to provide, and no timeline to fix.  Or maybe Spotify just fired all of them because they don't care about customer service anyways. They operate this website to just allow people to vent and eave them thinking someone from Spotify actually watching.

For me it works again now, thanks!

Today I've tried to make some edits to my playlists and exactly the same thing happening on Windows laptop. I found A BUNCH of people talking about this epic fail. Did you get any feedback from official support?




ZERO response

Actually they replied to another post about the same problem:



Hey there @shavedbum and @Astrapto,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


@Astrapto, this has been reported to the right teams in this Ongoing Issue report. While we don't have a timeline on a fix, if you're experiencing this, we'd recommend adding your +VOTE and subscribing to that thread to stay up to speed with any updates we have to pass on. 


@shavedbum, just to clarify, are you having troubles following the steps @julian_L mentions? 


It'd be a good idea trying a quick reinstallation of the app with these steps as they solve common issues.


If you're still having troubles after that, it'd be helpful if you could provide some additional details on what's happening, as well as the exact version of the app you're on.


If you're instead using ctrl+a to select all songs, we'd recommend following the same steps mentioned for @Astrapto above.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 



Please, vote the ongoing issue report.


Sorry to be daft, but if I reinstall spotify, it says I have to "re-download any downloaded music and podcasts after reinstalling"


Does this mean all my music will disappear and I start from scratch?  If so why would ANYONE do this?

Any updates on this function?


Hi! Any update for those of us folks who aren't 𝛃 testers?


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