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Some songs won't play

Some songs won't play

Macbook air, high sierra 10.13.6


I am on a Free plan however some songs even though they are listed as available and not greyed out are unable to be played. I looked up this issue and they said the solution was to download the application again fresh. I have done this multiple times yet i still encountered the same issue. 


Some of these songs i really enjoy, is there a way to fix this?



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Hey @Athenamtp! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

They could be local files. Could you take a screenshot of these files? And are you getting any error messages at all while trying to play these songs?


Let me know how it goes!


@nico4techno I looked at my local files and there isn't anything there as far as i am concerned as i dont use the service. I've added a screenshot down below.


As for error messages none appear and the song just does not play. If you press the play button it toggles the large pause button on the bottom of the interface but the place where they usually show the album cover and song name are empty. I tried adding it to que and letting it play out but it stopped when it got to those specific songs.


Thanks for the help 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 8.09.11 am.png

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