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Sorting playlists

Sorting playlists

I know this issue has been discussed countless times, but what is the reluctance to implement the very simple act of sorting playlists alphabetically, chronologically, etc?


It's incredibly frustrating not being able to manage my playlists effectively. I honestly cannot understand the delay in adding this feature.

Am I missing something glaringly obvious? If so, please tell me!



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They've already said they'll look at playlist sorting options so where do you see this "reluctance"? As users, I guess we forget that they don't have unlimited resources so any changes have to be prioritised and will happen eventually.

I'm not going to be drawn into wordplay but I'd say there is a reluctance when (to the annoyance of many users) the developers concentrate on things such as the 'Discover" feature. I'm not a coder, but I don't envisage alphabetical sorting taking long to implement. 


As a premium subscriber since 2009 and witness to the company's continued growth I don't think I'm being unfair in pushing for this simple feature that would make organising playlists a hell of a lot easier. 

There is no excuse for lacking this basic feature. Stuff like this was taken for granted back in the 90s. I can for my life not understand why it is not implemented. Its utter nonsense. 

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