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Spotify app on MacOS controls other accounts [BUG]

Spotify app on MacOS controls other accounts [BUG]

I have been looking for any place to report bug and I already gave up few times but situation described below becomes more and more annoying.

I have Spotify Duo plan and I am logged on 2 different accounts (mine and not-mine) on Mac device. When I log into my account and try to start music from my keyboard shortcuts, I am managing not-mine playlist, so I am able to play/stop, volume up and down and change prev or next. Once I click into mine Spotify window by cursor it starts to work properly and this bug is not happening again in this session. Its very common for me to not open Spotify window so everyday morning, I am switching few times not mine playlist so not-me is complaining if I could stop to control her Spotify

Sorry if it is wrong sub

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Hey @darqwski,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


With the Spotify desktop app you can only be logged in to one single account on the same device. However, if you have one account logged in to your desktop app and a different account logged in to the Web Player, the system won't be able to recognize which account you want to control with your keyboard.


We'd recommend selecting first the Spotify window you want to control before using the keyboard commands to avoid changing the tracks in the wrong profile. If possible, try to keep just one account logged in at the time to prevent this issue from happening.


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.  

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Thanks for response,
This is something that I already know, but how is it possibly that I can control other profile which I is not mine?
I know that if I click on Spotify window before clicking the keyboard it will work correctly. But if it is not a bug to Spotify then I think I should ask Apple to fix it because I using "not mine" account which I am not authorized to use. How is it possible that Spotify keep authorization after LogOff/LogOn?

Hey @darqwski


Thanks for your reply. 


If the other user has logged in to their account on the same device, they need to log out following these specific steps when they stop using the app so other user can start using it with their own account. 


In this case, make sure to ask the other user to follow the steps in order to log out from their account on both desktop app and web player before you start using the app to avoid any mix-ups. 


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.

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