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Spotify constantly crashes on my MAC


Spotify constantly crashes on my MAC



I have reinstalled and deleted all the cache files but Spottily keeps crashing on my MAC. Im not able to open the application. Im paying for the Premium service, so not quite happy for paying for something that simply does not work. Any ideas or suggestions? Im currently running on Mac OS X Ver. 10.6.3


Many thanks for your support.





Accepted Solutions
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Another thing you could try here -

1. Delete the entire folders from the following locations:
- Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/SIMBL
- [USER FOLDER]/Library/Application Support/SIMBL
2. Uninstall Spotify
3. Restart your computer
4. Install Spotify

Please also try removing these files if they're present.

To bring up the Library folder in OSX Lion just open the Finder, hold alt and press Go. It will then be shown in the list of locations.
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I received this from Spotify Support. I have no time at the moment to test it but figured I'd pass on the info ASAP:


   Thanks for getting in touch with us.

We are terribly sorry to hear this and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

First you have to Uninstall Flash, click on the link below on how to uninstall

Then clean reinstall of the Preview Version of the spotify app using the link attached below:
1. Quit Spotify
2. In the finder, locate and delete the following folders:
~/Library/Application Support/Spotify
3. Locate and delete the Spotify app (from the application folder)
4. Empty trash, then restart
5. Download and install Spotify latest version:

OSX LION users:
Apple have masked the user "Library" folder to prevent accidental deletion. You can access it by choosing 'Go', from the top menu in the Finder. Hold down 'alt' key, and the library should appear as a folder you can now open.

Go on to the spotify programme and see if it works if that does not work click on the top right spotlight tab and follow the instruction below

1. Open the Terminal (Applications folder, Utilities, Terminal)
2. Type the following: /Applications/
3. You will now see the log output from Spotify.

Once on that page copy everything and send it to us so we can further assist you.
Kind regards 


Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge 
UPDATE: I thought it had worked because I streamed a good 20 songs but then, spinning color wheel of death.

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Hello there!

One thing you might want to try is turning off crossfade and gapless playback, and seeing if that changes anything.
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Ok - I've turned off  crossfade and gapless playback and havn't crashed for over 2 hours woop woop... hope i han't spoken too soon!


Also realised the tracks that weren't playing for me and were crashing despite being from the spotify catalogue were also in my local files and so I have also unchecked show downloads and iTunes and now i'm able to play them fine!


This is not a fix however - just a workaround and I really hope spoitfy will honour it's mac users and fix these bugs soon as I'm still paying for a premium service that I can't get all the benefits of! Also any playlists that have songs that aren't on spotify ( yes there are still lots ) I can't listen too now as I switched them off so not ideal...

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OK, some new news. I've been using Spotify all night without a crash - mostly listening to albums and individual tracks. Most of the evening, bouncing around different albums and a subscribed playlist. Then I went back to the playlist I usually put on before I went to bed and it was gone within a few songs. 


Could be coincidence, maybe not - corrupted playlist file, perhaps? Might try re-creating the playlist and see what happens.

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the same thing is happening to me (all of a sudden) IF open App AND I click a Playlist THEN crashes immediately



Lion 10.7.3

Spotify verision:

Member: Premium

Number of Playlists: Lots 🙂


However, what seemed to work (at least once) was: 
IF click "What's New" and play an Album then it works.


me too!!

Spotify team- can we get some eyes on this?? Paying for a service that works 0% of the time. 



This happened to me to, for the first couple of weeks. I was finally able to use it after reinstalling some magical number of times, the final time with the Wifi turned off. I can't explain why it worked, all I can say is a loud and resounding "WHAT THE **bleep**." I'm paying for Premium. Give me my effing music!

Same problem for me.


Could you please give us a solution, with Wi-Fi connection please ?


Thanks in advance.


Cheers !

Same problem here, I've had the same issue since a couple of months back now. The app crashes as soon I try to launch it. Works fine if I install an older version, but when I try to log in it auto updates to the current version and then it stops working again... Running Snow leopard OSX 10.6.8.


I've been in touch with Spotify support about this, their suggestion is to safe boot, and then do a disc check and a disc repair which seems ridiculous since everything else works fine - the problem I have is with the current version of Spotify. I'm also a premium user and have only been able to use Spotify on my iPhone for the past few months....

Same problem here, doesn't seem to be a workable solution on the support forum. Has done a number of clean installs (deleting the library files manually). Why is Spotify not responding.... are folks here sending those crash reports??


Mac OS 10.7.3

Macbook Pro

Latest version of Spotify (can't even note the version because it crashes on opening!!!)

How do i safe boot, disc check and disc repair?

Still doesn't work for me... Really getting fed up with this Smiley Frustrated

The listed solution is not a solution.  Keep reinstalling until it works?  Not even a reasonable response.  There are obviously multiple people with the same problem.  Spotify please get this fixed!

Removed those "solutions".

Any updates on this? Still having the same issue! 

Having exactly the same problem. The support team are offering me solutions like checking firewall etc but nothing so far. I will certainly be bidding farewell to Spotify if this isn't addressed. It also keeps asking me to reset my keychain. 

Having the same problem here. Have tried all suggested solutions, nothing works. Will be cancelling my subscription if there is no solution forthcoming.

I also have the same problem, this seems like a reason for me to switch back to another music player. The ability to play music consistently is more important to me than access to the spotify library...

the same thing is happening to's been all of a sudden too...spotify, can you help please!

Same thing happens to me too! I absolutely LOVE spotify since it has come to Australia, but I have to do a hard reset every time it crashes. This is not good for my Mac!

Same here.  Running OS X 10.5.8 Dual-Core Intel...  My crahes are typically if I select anything other than playlists I have created. Just had back to back crashes trying to select a recommended album and a new release on the homepage when launched..... Ugh...Smiley Frustrated  


Love Spotify but doesn't seem like there is much in terms of Mac support....

Thought it was me. Have not opened Spotify for some while and not since I upgraded to 10.7.4 I click on the app short cut, it logs me in, then NOTHING. Looks like this is a general fault with Spotify listeners using Macs so why have the support team not done anything? I get fed up with Mac users being left in the dark all the time. just because it is a far superior operating system....

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