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Spotify won't let me add songs to older playlists?

Spotify won't let me add songs to older playlists?

When I go to add to playlist, instead of showing me all the playlists I have created it just shows a few. Did this come with the new update or is this a bug? I love adding onto old playlists that I have created as I am always listening to most of my playlists. The fact that I haven't been able to do this recently is so upsetting.

7 Replies

I've the same problem. I've only one of many playlists what I have avaible. Spotify devs, can you could at this?

They seem to have fixed the issue (at least for me)! Happy listening 😄

This is still occurring for me.


On Spotify, Windows 10 64-bit.

It has seemed to return for me. I suppose it works sometimes and not all of the time. I'm assuming this is a bug that came with the most recent update.

I'm having the same issue.  Very annoying.

I also just updated it today (, Mac desktop) and now I can't add new songs to older playlists 😞 I really hope they fix this!!

It seems possible to add if you turn on 'download' for a playlist, even if it doesn't download, you can add then turn it off again! 

Hope this helps till the bug is fixed


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