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Unfollowing artists against my will

Unfollowing artists against my will

Hello. Constantly artists become unfollowed from my profile, without me taking any action. I am 200% sure I did follow some artists several times, and still become unfollowed after some time.


Plan Premium

Country Romania

Device iPhone 8

Operating System Windows 10

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Hi there!

Sorry to hear that you think someone else has gained access to your Spotify account. Check out this Spotify Answer for the next steps to take.


Hi. No, I do  not think that someone else is using my account. I am saying that Spotify is unfollowing my artists. Might be related to the fact that I'm at the limit of the 10k songs in my library, so my "personal metadata" is full.

Hey @VladBusca.


Thanks for clarifying that for us. We just need a little bit more info on this. 


Is there a pattern to when the artists are being unfollowed? Does it happen immediately after following another artist, or adding some new songs to Your Library?


In general, there shouldn't be a limit to how many artists you can follow. The support article (here) reads: 

"You can save a maximum of 10,000 songs and albums to Your Library. For albums, all its songs plus the album itself count towards the limit (e.g. a 10 track album counts as 11 tracks toward the limit)."

Looking forward to hearing back from you! We'll be here to answer any other questions you might have.

Hey Peter. There's no pattern. And even if it was, probably I wouldn't noticed it, because I follow artists on a daily basis, as well as adding / removing music from library. Is just that from time to time I notice that some artists I know 200% that I followed are not followed anymore. E.g. some alltime favourite artists like Metallica or Alice in Chains, I cannot be in doubt on this.

Hey @VladBusca.


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


Could you try the following:

  1. Follow one of the artists which have been unfollowed for you and send us the URI (located in the three-dot menu next to the Follow button in the Artist page)
  2. Check back and see if the artist becomes unfollowed again; if they do, then could you send us the URI again? We will then be able to look into it.

We'll be looking out for your reply!

Hello, here it is: spotify:artist:5k3WNPoEUg6Z4YNC0DfVNT



Thanks for that @VladBusca


Keep us posted 🙂


What about this one? 😞

Hey @VladBusca.


Thanks for raising this with us.


We just need a bit more information in order to troubleshoot this:

  • Does this happen with every artist you try to follow, or just with this one (HVNDS)?
  • Is this happening only on this device? Can you try it on another mobile device/ on desktop?
  • Could you try logging out and logging back in again to see if that fixes it?

Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply 🙂

This is happening with more artists. I realized that spotify unfolollowed my own band from my profile twice in the last couple of days (spotify:artist:4vpKiIKpzU3epsipb7XbhS).

Hey @VladBusca.


When you reach the 10k limit and follow or save a song, one of the older entries will be removed.


Could you try to offload your library by putting some music in a playlist? This could fix the issue for you.


Hope it does! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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