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Your operating system is out of date -screen displayed every time Spotify is started. Please remove.

Your operating system is out of date -screen displayed every time Spotify is started. Please remove.





Mac Pro 5,1 (Mid 2010)


Operating System

macOS Mojave 10.14.6


Hi. Please get rid of the "Your operating system is out of date" -nag screen shown every time Spotify starts.

There will be no new operating system versions for Mac Pro 5,1 so reminding about it continually is totally useless.

Everything else seems to work and update on this computer/OS combination nicely and without harassing the user so why would Spotify not?

If you really need to remind users about this, please make it nag when updating the client.


Nag screenNag screen


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Hey @sxn,


Thanks for reaching out.


The reason for this prompt is because support for the app on macOS 10.14 is being deprecated, with 10.15 being the new minimum requirement, as can be seen here. 🙂


So yeah, this kind of prompt is to be expected so there is, unfortunately, no way to prevent it from appearing.


I hope this clears things up!

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Please remove the popup!!! It is enough with a yellow dot in the account menu. My machine won't have new updates, so it doesn't make sense. Just let me with the current app, I understand that i'll won't receive new updates (and I don't care), but A POPUP telling me my operating system is outdated it's annoying!!!!!!




It's beyond obnoxious and there is no way I'm updating my old laptop (which is running necessary software that can't be run on newer macos versions) for Spotify. If it keeps popping up every time I want to listen to music I'll just shift over to Apple Music and cancel my premium spotify, especially now that the Home page is so cluttered and useless.

Noticed the "Your operating system is out of date" notice today for the first time.

Alongside that, I noticed everything in Spotify is now lagging.  Switching to songs, all the visuals take a good 5 seconds to catch up.  DJ mode takes a few seconds to figure out what the **bleep** it's doing now.


If you're downgrading performance on Windows 10, I'm cancelling my subscriptions.

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