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album and playlist covers not showing/loading on desktop/web app (macos/edge)

album and playlist covers not showing/loading on desktop/web app (macos/edge)






MacBook Air M1

Operating System

(MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1


My Question or Issue

Everything else works fine except for every album cover and playlist cover showing up as blank/black. here are some extra details:


-I'm on Sonoma 14.2.1

-already tried restarting (force quitting and opening) app

-already restarted machine

-already cleared cache

-already deleted Spotify folder in Application Support folder and reinstalled app again

-using desktop app downloaded from spotify's website (again, already tried reinstalling)

-covers not showing up on MS edge web app

-covers do work on iOS app and web apps on firefox and safari.

-Covers for Spotify playlist (artistt radios, liked songs, genre playlists etc) do show.

-Covers for my and others' playlists and albums are the ones not loading (not local files, I mean no covers at all are loading)

-on the web app on ms edge some album covers do show up but it seems random and not following any order

-I tried looking up a fix but all of the results I found were for local files and that's not what I'm dealing with:/ any help would be greatly appreciated:)

IDK in what order the images show up, but it should be MacOS app, MS Edge web app (with some random album art showing but  95% of them show up as blank, Ihad to look for some showing), and IOS app. the safari and Firefox apps are fully working, but the img limit don't let me upload them all.


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Hey @temmiliano


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. 

This is an interesting occurrence, lets troubleshoot this together shall we. 


You've done some extensive troubleshooting on your side so bare with us while we narrow down the root cause of this.  We'd recommend disabling any VPNs or Firewall restrictions as they can block access and create unpredictable outcomes when using Spotify. Also its worth taking a look at the host files and clearing them, for which you can find detailed steps on how to do that in this article


Hope this helps out, keep us posted!

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