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A firewall may be blocking Spotify

A firewall may be blocking Spotify






Asus Zenbook Pro

Operating System

Windows 10 (dual partition with Ubuntu)


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I recently decided to switch from using Linux (Ubuntu) on my Zenbook to Windows. However, I am getting this error message when trying to login to Spotify from my Windows partition. Originally Spotify on Windows was working fine, until it just stopped playing things properly this morning so I logged out and have been unable to log back in. I have already logged out of Spotify on Ubuntu and verified that I can still login on Ubuntu (and Spotify also works fine on my phone). I understand that there's a bunch of posts already dedicated to fixing this, but I've tried every solution I could find. Here's what I've tried so far:

- rebooting my computer

- checking for multiple accounts on FB (I login to Spotify through FB)

- uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify

- turned off the Windows Firewall on my computer

- changed the proxy settings to "No Proxy" instead of "Auto Detect"

- verified that my current country was correct in my account (USA)

Please don't point me to a solution that uses any of these - I've already tried them to no avail. Any ideas?


Thanks for the help.


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