A lot of songs wont play/find friends not working

A lot of songs wont play/find friends not working







Desktop, ipad and samsung galaxy s7

Operating System

Windows 10, ios and android


My Question or Issue

 for about 4 months now ive had the problem where a lot of songs wont play for me, i click play and it stops the song im listening to and nothing plays, yet if someone is listening along through discord they can hear the song. Around the same time this issue started i havent been able to find friends on through facebook where they were there before.

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Hey there @lobbie,

thanks for posting in the community !


Let's address each issue seperatly:


Issue concerning skipping song\song won't play are most of the time happening due to out of date versions we're using.

Before we take any other actions, please run your Win update to make sure your OS is updated proprely.

In addition, and after checking the OS, please preform a full uninstall and reinstall of Spotify as it assures your using the latest version there is.


Concerning your second issue, please reach your FB settings and recheck Spotify has full access and permission.

It'll be great to use this help guide for further info in case you get stuck.


Hope this helps 😃

My OS was already updated so I reinstalled spotify and now no songs will play at all

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