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Absence of "Local Files" under the Your Library tab

Absence of "Local Files" under the Your Library tab






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Since I cannot get the folks at Spotify to answer my questions or address my issue, I'll put it out in the community.

After a hard drive failure, I had to reload Spotify onto my computer and my devices.

It came back with no "Local Files" link to songs I've had on my computer.  The "Local Files" tab should be under the "Your Library" link, but I cannot find it.  It simply isn't there.  I cannot transfer my personal music from my computer's download files without that link.  I've already loaded Spotify twice and it still isn't there.  Help!

Spotify - premium page after reinstalling.jpg
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Hey @csneed1954, welcome to the Community!


Your screenshot shows the Spotify web player. You can't add local files there, for this you need to install Spotify's desktop client.


On desktop client the Local Files link is hidden when disabled. You can enable it in your Spotify preferences:

1. click on Spotify menu dots
2. Go to Edit -> Preferences

3. Scroll downward until you reach Local Files.

4. Enable "Show Local Files".


Now you should be able to add your music to Spotify again. 🙂


Let me know if you need more help!

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