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Account got Hacked

Account got Hacked





Windows 10 PC and Samsung S8 Plus

Operating System

Windows 10


This is somewhat solved, I justed wanted to put this here... I guess. But two days ago my Spotify account got hacked. Reason why I think this is because I was trying to listen to my music (at that time) but it kept playing to a different device, the device name was "P9000"... if I remember correctly. I continued pressing my device but it kept going to P9000 (assuming that the person behind that device was also pressing to play through theirs- kinda like a tug of war thing...). So I took action by logging in and "sign out everywhere", I then had a look on my account and all my friends and artists that I follow weren't there, and all my playlists were deleted (assuming they removed them). The person also had the audacity to make their own playlist and follow a bunch of other playlists and artists (modern rappers). To be honest, I completely forgot to take some screenshots HAHAHAHA. I got my playlists back because of the "recover playlists" tab online. But yeah, everything is fine right now, kinda just wanted to leave this here.

Thank you!


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Hey there @YaohBoiMikes,

thanks for posting in the community !


Sorry to hear you had to deal with this kind if issue.

In any case you aren't pleased with the outcome, or think the issue hasn't been solved properly, you can always use this help guide to take neccessery actions and prevent this for happening again.


In addition, feel free to always share your issues here in the community (hope you'll have none) and we'll be more than glad to help 😃

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