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Ad won't play

Ad won't play



I'm using the Spotify Web Player on Windows and I have an ad that won't play. It doesn't start, it just stays there, and the circular logo for 'repeat/go back to beginning' is green and I can't turn it off. Whenever I click on a song or a playlist to start listening to music, the ad won't go away. It started yesterday and this is the second day I have had a problem with this. Does anyone have any advice for this?

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I too am having a similar issue, the ad is displayed at the bottom of the screen, yet acts as though it is not loaded and refuses to play, preventing any acess to any songs whatsoever. Songs you click on will be added to your history, but won't play.

I am having the same problem as well. It's the same ad like on the screenshot.

Bumping this because the problem still isn't solved. I still can't play my music and logging in/out doesn't help.

same here

Ive got the same, kinda odd how they keep begging you to subscribe but wont try and fix a problem thats been around for 5+ years. May as well stick with SoundCloud at this rate

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