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Seeing playlists and artist I never played

Seeing playlists and artist I never played

Almost any time I open spotify these days, I am suddenly following playlists or radios I never even listened to. Also, when looking at recently played artists, it lists a lot of artists I have never listened to. I am worried if my account might have been hacked, though playlists I have created manually are totally fine, so I am not sure.


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It seems like someone else might have your account. I would change your password and see if in the weeks after that if you start following anyone else randomly, if so then it is a different problem.

How do I change my password? I do have one, but I log in with my facebook.

FB is not showing any odd behaviour or logins from places I personally haven't been to, but I'll change my PW there nonetheless and see if that changes anything

Okay hopefully that works

I have contacted spotify support and they locked my account so I can verify I am indeed the owner of it. Though I still think something might be going wrong with the app, since all my account and billing info was still the same as I put it in when I joined

Well if someone was using your account for only listening to music there is no reason why they would change your account or billing. Like if you log into a library computer one time and forgot to log out someone could use your account on that computer and they don't to delete any of your playlists or change the billing. They can just listen to what they want to listen to.

who knows, though I use spotify only on my laptop(s) at home. Maybe something went wrong when I set up my new one

Well if you logged into a computer somewhere else they wouldn't have to change anything to use your account and listen to music as long as you forgot to log off that computer.

I never logged in to spotify on any device someone other than me has access to

so even after all the trouble, my recently played still shows weird italian artists I have never even heard of. I am hoping that changing my account password will help.

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