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Ads won't play, causing me to shut down the app

Ads won't play, causing me to shut down the app

I'm using Spotify Free, and when it comes time for an ad to play, instead it just goes silent for several minutes.  Usually I have to close the app and reopen to be able to listen to music.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I'm using the app on Windows 10. 


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Hey @bfodle! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound quite right.

Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.

Let me know how it goes! ^^



This is a new thing for me as I’ve got a new phone, and this never happened before. Basically whenever an add is about to play the just shuts down for no reason. And now I tried reinstalling the app several times but I still get the same problem.

Hey @Gab2306,


Thank you for your reply in this thread.


Does the issue occur with a different account on your new device? If a family member has a Spotify account, it could be a good idea to ask them to log in on your device to test if the app behaves the same way.


On another note, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app with the steps here. You've mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but this one is more thorough than the usual one. It'll get you the latest app version with all necessary updates and fixes and will remove any corrupted files from previous installations.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted 🙂 

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