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Album Dead Ringer by Meat Loaf is shown but cannot be played....

Album Dead Ringer by Meat Loaf is shown but cannot be played....







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Windows 10


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 The album Dead Ringer by Meat Loaf is shown but cannot be played. When trying to play, the songs are just skipped one by one. There is a blue error message a the top (see picture).
Is there a problem with this album or is it a country restriction (in my case Italy)?
It has been like this for a long time.




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Hey there @moster67,

Thanks for posting in the community !


Before we determine that this is a regional restriction, please try play the desired artist/album on different devices to see if it works.


Didn't work? reach your settings page on your app, click on the "Advanced Settings".

Scroll down and uncheck "Hardware Acceleration" under the "Compitability tab.

Restart the app and see try playing it again.


Last but not least, if both actions above hadn't helped, it might be a regional legal terms determined by the artist or record label which you can read all about here.


Let me know if you need further help 😃

Thank you for your reply.

As a matter of fact, playing the album on my Android device works fine. So it is probably not a regional problem.

It must be something with the Spotify client on my WIndows 10 computer at this point.


Edit: resolved it. The album was in my local files as well but each song listed twice for unknow reasons. Maybe this caused the problem. Disabled  the folder from "Show songs from" and then it worked again. Maybe the Spotify program on my computer kept the files twice in the cache and this created problems.

Thank you for your support.





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