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Album songs order incorrect in win app

Album songs order incorrect in win app


The songs order for 21 Savage's album Issa Album appear to be incorrect in the app (see screenshot below). I wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for checking the lyrics on


So I searched for a 3rd source, found several links that all agreed with

I even found the album with the correct order on the webplayer.

But If I then click on the artist's name and then on his album I end up on this link where the order is incorrect again. What gives?


So now I'm wondering if I can trust Spotify at all for ALL albums.


Obviously this not a shuffle issue.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all to understand this.




 - Edit -
1/ webplayer links appear to embed the player so I moved them for easier readability

2/ added link to the correct tracklisting

20171019 Spotify 21 Savage Issa Album.PNG
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