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Albums Not Syncing from Android to Windows

Albums Not Syncing from Android to Windows


I recently redownloaded Spotify for Windows. I had been using the web player since about early October of last year, when I switched due to issues I had been having with the PC app. I redownloaded it today, and found that all the albums+songs I have saved over the past few months do not show up as "saved" in my library. I have to manually look them up and re-add them to my library. I've already tried going offline and restarting the application, but nothing seems to work. I'd like to know what else can be done, or if I'll just have to go through all the albums and add the myself.

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Hey there @ooopha,

thanks for posting in the community !


This sounds very odd, but does seem like a small connectivity issue.

No worries, let's try and solve the issue together.


First of all, please use this help page and locate all accounts listed with your details.

The reason is that users tend to create more than one account and log differently through devices.


Secondly, reach your account page online and click "Sign Out Everywhere",

 then restart the apps and reconnect using the right details.


Waiting to see how you did 😃

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